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WCP 2021 Try Outs

WCP 2021 Try Outs

Benhptz is a podcast dedicated to the current and future female basketball players. The podcast is an open forum about my experience and knowledge as a  collegiate student athlete and assistant coach at a BCS university. My hope is to give these athletes information between the game of basketball. Every player has a unique story that can be shared to help someone else. It is my aim through this podcast that we give these student athletes the information necessary to prepare them for the demand of collegiate athletics. 

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WCP 2021 Try Outs

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WCPBasketball West Coast Premier WCPBasketball

Class of 2021 Commits

Class of 2021

Kiki Iriafen- Stanford University

Marisa Davis- U of Washington

Khylee Pepe- San Diego State University

Jayda Curry- UC Berkeley

Alyssa Durazo-Frescas- UNLV

Kiya Dorrah- U of Missouri

Trinity San Antonio- Cal Baptist

Michelle Duchemin- CSUN



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WCP Black 2019

Click on the link for some highlights of WCP Black 2019.